Hammama tul Bushra Khaar, Mohammad Umar, Zahid Lateef.
Evaluation of Helicobacter Pylori in Esophagitis.
Pak J Gastroenterol Jan ;13(1-2):0-.

The frequency of Helicobacter Pylori infection in 460 consecutive patients with dyspepsia was studied. Patients were divided into two groups on endoscopic diagnosis of esophagitis and normal esophagus. H. pylori was documented histologically in antral biopsies. Our results showed 37.7% of the 460 patients included were positive for H. pylori, age ranged from 15-85 years, with male to female ratio of almost 1:1. Only 13.6% of patients with esophagitis were positive for H. pylori. However gastritis and duodenitis was more frequent, 58.6% and 33.9% in H. pylori positive patients. Therefore a non-significant association was found between esophagitis and H. pylori infection.

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