Abdul Mabood Khalil, Sher Rehman, Shahid Jameel, Najmud Din, Ashfaqullah, Riaz M.
Prevalence of diabetic dyslipidemia in 120 patients of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
J Med Sci Jan ;13(2):128-31.

Background: Diabetes mellitus is regarded as coronary heart disease risk equivalent. Therefore, aggressive therapy with statin drugs is recommended to prevent cardiovascular events. This observational study was carried out to find out prevalence of diabetic dyslipidemia in type 2 diabetics and to find those who can be benefited from lipid lowering therapy. Research Methodology: This observational study was carried out at Medical A Unit, Khyber Teaching Hospital. A total of 120 type 2 diabetic patients were included. Fasting lipid profile and glycosylated hemoglobin of each patient was done. Results: Hypertriglyceridemia was the predominant type of dyslipidemia present in 56.66% patients followed by low HDL-C, which was present in 52.50% patients. Only 21% patients were having good glycemic control. Dyslipdemia was more common in females as compared to males. Therapy with lipid lowering drugs was indicated in 59.16% of patients. Conclusion: Diabetic dyslipdemia is a potential atherogenic dyslipdemia. Screening should be done as a routine and lipid-lowering agents should, be started to avoid fatal cardiovascular events.

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