Javed I Shah, Gerald B Brookes.
Outcome of Retrolabyrinthine vestibular nerve section surgery.
J Med Sci Jan ;13(2):101-3.

Background: Vestibular nerve section is a procedure with proven efficacy in the treatment of intractable vertigo and Retrolabyrinthine Vestibular Nerve Section has minimal post operative complications. This observational study was designed to study the outcome of Retrolabyrinthine Vestibular Nerve Section Surgery. Research Methodology: Data of 76 patients who underwent retrolabyrinthine Vestibular Nerve Section Surgery was reviewed for outcome and complications rate. Results: Vertigo was successfully abolished in 93.4% of the patients. No significant change in the hearing was noted in 63% of patients. 27% of patients had more than 10 dB of hearing loss and in 4% of cases the hearing loss was conductive. Complications were infrequent. Conclusion: The Retrolabyrinthine approach for Vestibular Nerve Section is effective with few complications for untreatable Meniere`s disease and Non-Meniere`s recurrent vestibulopathies.

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