Mohammad Atique, Shamsul Jalil, Iftikhar Aslam, Babar Hussain Khan.
Mucormycosis - A clinicopathological study.
Pak J Pathol Jan ;15(2):79-81.

This study was carried out to find out the clincopathological presentation of mucormycosis and its relationship with underlined disease. All the cases when found positive for fungus on histopathology where thoroughly evaluated for mucormycosis. Clinical presentation, any evidence of underlying disease and extent of disease were noted. The study was conducted in the pathology and ENT department of CMH Lahore. There were five patient studied during 2 years period. Four were male and one female, with mean age of 34 years. Sixty percent presented with lesions in head and neck region and 80% were suffering from Diabetes Mellitus. The majority recovered by surgical debridement and broad-spectrum antifungal (Amphotericin B) infusion. Mucor infection should be kept in mind while dealing with a mass lesion in the head and neck area especially in-patients suffering from diseases like diabetes mellitus .The invasive disease is sometimes fatal.

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