Irfan Ali Mirza, Sajjad Hussain Mirza.
Evaluation of culture media in isolation of Helicobacter pylori: A comparative study.
Pak J Pathol Jan ;15(3):105-7.

One hundred gastroduodenal biopsies collected from Gastroenterology Unit, Military Hospital, Rawalpindi were transported in two transport media, semisolid motility agar and thioglycolate broth to Army Medical College Rawalpindi for culture of Helicobacter Pylori (H.Pylori,). The biopsy specimens after tissue grinding were cultured on three culture media — Columbia agar (oxoid) + 7% HRBC +SR 147 (oxoid), BHI + 7% HRBC + SR 147 and Chocolate agar under microaerophilic conditions. SR 147 (oxoid) the H.pylori selective supplement having Dent`s formula contained 10 mg vancomycin, 5 mg trimethoprim, 5 mg cefsulodin and 5 mg amphotericin B per litre. Forty three percent (43%) of gastroduodenal biopsies yielded positive growth of H. pylori on culture medium containing Columbia agar +7% HRBC + SR 147, 39% on BHI + 7% HRBC + SR 147 and 9% on Chocolate agar. Out of the forty three culture positive cases on Columbia agar + 7% HRBC + SR 147, the biopsies transported in semisolid motility agar (100%) yielded growth whereas it was 95.3% in thioglycollate broth. All the culture positive cases had significant gastroduodenal pathologic findings on endoscopic examination.

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