Betsy S Thomas, Bhat K M.
Gum Veneer.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;25(1):29-30.

A 42-year-old female schoolteacher reported to the Department of Periodontics, College of Dental Surgery, Manipal with complaints of bleeding from the gums, mobility and labial migration of the teeth. On examination, she was diagnosed to be suffering from chronic generalized periodontitis. The initial treatment plan included scaling and root planning. In areas where the residual pocket depth was more than 5mm periodontal flap surgery was done. Although the periodontal disease was successfully treated and the pockets eliminated the surgical treatment resulted in considerable apical movement of gingival margin and consequent exposure of the roots. The resultant long tooth appearance after surgery worried her, as she is a teacher. The lateral incisor, which was labially placed due to pathologic migration, was resting on the lower lip and constant muscular force from lip was found to be aggravating the existing situation. Incis al reduction of lateral was carried out to eliminate these forces and at the same time bring the incisal edge of the tooth to the normal level. During the subsequent visits of the patient for treatment as well as maintenance, her compliance was found to be good and she was maintaining her oral hygiene very well. This prompted us to device a veneer to take care of esthetics.

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