Ehteshamul Haq Qureshi, Belloso A.
Diagnostic yield of barium swallow in Globus syndrome a clinical audit done at Warrington General Hospital - Warrington.
Med Channel Jan ;11(2):12-4.

This is a retrospective study in which we analysed the value of barium swallow in the investigation of Globus Syndrome. Serious lesion presenting as Globus Syndrome appears to he rare extremely, but many clinicians routinely request barium swallow contrast radiography. We therefore retrospectively reviewed 110 barium swallows done in our department during a period of one year from 1st June 2000 to 30st June 2001. Ninety two patients were identified. All had a normal ENT examination. No serious radiological abnormalities occurred in any of the 90 patients with Globus Syndrome. Statistical analysis showed no significant relationship between the symptoms of Globus and the barium swallow results. As the risk of missing a serious lesion in a patient with globus is very unlikely to exceed one in 700, we support the opinion that barium swallow should he reserved for those with risk factors or atypical features. It appears that still most globus patients will continue to undergo a barium swallow because although alternative investigations have been extensively assessed it is still not clear which is the still most appropriate mode of investigation for this condition.

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