Afzal Khan, Asmat Ara Khattak, Liaquat Ali.
The outcome of low birth weight babies admitted in a tertiary care nursery in Peshawar.
Med Channel Jan ;11(1):33-6.

Over a period of one year a study was conducted in the neonatal unit of Postgraduate Medical Institute Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar from January to December 2003. The aim of this study was to know the percentage of low births weight (<2500 grams) babies, their major problems and outcome in our hospital. Out of 2770 neonates admitted in this unit, 1226 (42.20%) were low birth weight (LBW). Among these 294 (23.98%) were very low birth weight (< 1500 grams (and 84(6.85%) were extremely low birth weight (< 1000 grams). Majority were male (67.75%) and outborn (76.18%) babies. Out of 1226 LBW babies 644 (52.52%) babies were expired. Major problems and causes of their mortality were neonatal sepsis, birth asphyxia and respiratory distress syndrome, in almost 91% of the cases. LBW babies are at high risk of morbidity and mortality. Hence it is suggested that strategies should be planned both at community and facility levels.

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