Fawad Muzaffar, Majid Suhail, Amer Ejaz, Khalid Jameel, Muhammad Muzaffar.
Small vessel vasculitis - A clinicopathological correlation.
Pak J Pathol Jan ;16(4):102-5.

Background: Small vessel vasculitis in a dermatologic patient may present with clinically indeterminate lesions such as palpable purpura, plaques, nodules or ulcers. Objective: In this study, it was aimed to determine the cause of such lesions by correlating clinical with histopathological features to formulate a final diagnosis. Material and Methods: This was a study of the descriptive type. Patients of both genders aged between 30-60 years presenting with palpable purpura, plaques, nodules and ulcers of less than 6 months` duration which did not fit into any other disease entity were selected for skin biopsy. The findings on histopathology were correlated with the clinical features for the final diagnosis. Results: A total of 18 patients were evaluated histologically. Six(33.3%) patients were diagnosed as various types of small vessel vasculitis. Five (27.7%) patients were found to be insect bite reactions. Three (16.7%) patients were diagnosed as urticarial vasculitis. There were 2(11.1%) cases of pyoderma gangrenosum and 1(5.55%) each of erythema elevatum diutinum and lupus profundus. Conclusion: In clinically indeterminate cutaneous vasculitic lesions which do not resolve spontaneously, correlation of clinical with histopathological features aids in reaching the diagnosis and prognosis for better patient outcome.

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