Abbas Bajwa, Hamid Qayum.
Evaluation of Meniscal and Ligamentous Injuries of the Knee with Arthrography and Arthroscopy.
Proceeding Shaikh Zayed Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;14(2):57-62.

With modern high speed vehicular trauma and increasing participation in sports, traumatic lesions of the knee have become quite common. Various diagnostic modalities are available to confirm the diagnosis after clinical evaluation. Fifty cases of chronic knee injury in which Lachman, Anterior Drawer or McMurray`s test were positive, were evaluated with Double Contrast Arthrography followed by Arthroscopy after two days. Study was carried out at Orthopaedic Department of Shaikh Zayed Hospital in collaboration with Radiology Department. Forty nine were male and one female. Age range was 14-50 years (mean 25.5 years). Duration of symptoms were 3-5 years (mean 4 years). Right knee was found to be more frequently involved (27 right knee and 23 left knee). Twenty five cases had sports injury, twenty two cases had road traffic accident and three cases had domestic injury. Twenty cases of medial meniscus injuries were identified by Arthrography while twenty five cases by Arthroscopy. Thirteen cases of lateral meniscal injury were picked by Arthrography while twenty one cases were confirmed by Arthroscopy. Arthroscopy diagnosed 34 cases of anterior cruciate ligament while Arthrography picked up only 2 cases. Diagnosis of posterior cruciate ligament injury was poor, only 2 cases by Arthroscopy and nil by Arthrography. It is concluded that Arthrography is complementary to Arthroscopy in diagnosing meniscal and ligamentous injuries of the knee and accuracy can be improved with experience.


Mri is more specific in picking up these lesions rather arthrography is obslete
Posted by: siddiqui on Jan 2004

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