Muhammad Riazul Haq, Gamal El Saied, Mazhar Rafi, Hamida Gamal.
Peritoneal drainage as definitive therapy in neonates with Necrotizing Enterocolitis irrespective of weight and gestational age.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;12(1):116-20.

Objective: To evaluate efficacy of peritoneal drainage(PD) in neonates with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) having pneumoperitoneam or peritonitis as a definitive tool of management irrespective of weight and gestational age(GA). Design:Prospective analysis of 12 cases. Place and duration:This study was conducted in 2 hospital in Taif Saudi Arabia from December2002 to September 2005. Subject and Methods: All neonates diagnosed as NEC with pneumoperitoneum or peritonitis were included in this study irrespective of weight and GA and peritoneal drainage was performed as a primary tool of management. Results:Pertoneal drainage was performed in 15 patients, but 3 of them were excluded as the cause of pneumoperitonium and peritonitis were other than NEC.Out of 12 neonates 89% improved after PD,only 1(8%) needed surgery.Overall survival was 75%.Main cause of mortality was a second attack of NEC and sepsis. Conclusion: PD is an effective way of treating neonates with NEC irrespective of weight and GA. PD not on ly stabilizez the neonates rather proves to be a definite treatment for the sick premature babies who can not tolerate general anesthesia and surgical stress.Mortality rate is high with second attack of NEC.

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