Yaseer Ahmed Shawky, Mohamed Osman.
Protection against malaria due to innate immunity enhanced by cholesterol free diet.
Professional Med J Jan ;13(1):92-100.

Objectives: To find out the effect of cholesterol free diet is provision of protections against malaria in mice. Setting: Animal faculty of Niigata University Japan. Animals & Methods: Two groups of mice were fed on normal & cholesterol free diet. Both groups of animals were injected infected erythrocytes. Hepatic lymphocytes, splenocytes and thymocytes were studied by immunofluorescence tests & auto antibodies were measured. Results: Cholesterol of free diet fed mice had complete protection & survived the challenge. Conclusion: possible preventative measures against malaria, because cholesterol free diet rendered mice resistant to lethal strains of P. yoelii and even those of P. berghei.

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