Roohullah, Nusrat J, Hamdani Srh, Burdy Gm, Khurshid A.
Cancer Urinary Bladder - 5 Year Experience at Cenar, Quetta.
J Ayub Med Coll Abottabad Jan ;13(2):14-6.

Background: Purpose of this study was to see the incidence, age, sex, geographical distribution, symptoms, personal habits, signs, histo-pathology, early diagnosis and management of cases of Cancer Urinary Bladder (Ca UB) in the patients coming to CENAR. Quetta. Pakistan. Methods: A retrospective study was conducted at CENAR for a period of 5 years from 1st Jan. 1993 to 31th Dec. 97, in which about 100 cases of cancer of urinary bladder were included, out of which 82 patients were male and 12 were females. Results: During our 5-year period of study, 3571 new cases of cancer were registered at CENAR, out of which 100 (2.8% of total No. of cases) were of Ca UB. Hence 20 new cases of Ca UB per year were registered at CENAR. The maximum number of cases was registered in 1996. Conclusion: Our study concluded that Ca UB occurs more in male with a male female ratio of 4.5: I and a high incidence after 40 years of age. No patient below 20 was reported. Histopathologically, Transitional Cell Carcinoma was dominating (75%). Other histological types seen were squamous cell carcinoma (4%), Adenocarcinoma (3%), UD (5%) and HPNA (10%). A considerable number of patients were using different preparations of tobacco (cigarette smoking (6%), Hubble-Bubble (50%) and Niswar (Snuff) (12%). The patients were mainly treated with Radiotherapy, because at the time of reporting they were already in stage II or beyond (97%). Some patients were also treated by surgery such as TUR, partial or radical cystectomy. A few patients (6%) also received chemotherapy.

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