Abida Sultana, Abdul Qadir Usmani, Hadi Meeran Hussain, Haroon Rashid, Munir Ahmed Khan, Omer Riaz.
Serological profile of patients with liver Cirrhosis in northern Pakistan.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;56(1):73-9.

Objective: To evaluate the role of hepatitis B and C in the pathogenesis of liver cirrhosis. Design: An observational study. Place and Duration of Study: The present study was conducted in the medical wards of Military Hospital, Rawalpindi from Ist January 2002 to 24th September 2004. Patients and Methods: Six hundred and fifty patients admitted in the medical wards of Military Hospital Rawalpindi were evaluated for seromarkers of Hepatitis B and C. Viral markers studied were anti HCV, HBs Ag anti HDV, anti HBcIgG, anti HBs, and HBeAg. Results: One hundred and eighty two out of 650 patients were positive for HBsAg positive and 468 patients were negative for HBsAg. Anti HBcIgG was positive in 345 and anti HBs in 322 of HBsAg negative patient. HBeAg was present in 45 and anti HDV in 26 of HBsAg positive patients. Anti HCV was positive in 455 (70%) patients and no seromarkers were seen in 52 patients. Conclusion: It was evident from the seromarkers that exposure to hepatitis B and C had occurred but which one was responsible for cirrhosis was hard to determine. In as much as vaccine against hepatitis B is available, mass vaccination in the population may be consideration to prevent cirrhosis due to hepatitis B virus.


This article is plagiarised from JCPSP Feb 2002 article from Anwar et al.This is highly shameful that only the data is exaggerated and the whole data is false.The authors should be scrutinized for this felony
Posted by: arsalan on Oct 2006

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