Ambreen Sadiq, Ishtiaq Ahmed Qureshi, Bilal Ahmed Tarin, Nasir Saud Ahmed.
Mammographic and Sonographic features in carcinoma breast.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;56(2):97-101.

Background: The most common malignant disease among the females is carcinoma breast. Its management requires team effort, in which modern imaging techniques play an important rote, in diagnosis and assessing the severity of disease. Material and Methods: A total number of 71 patients were studied from 01 January 2000 to 30 August 2001 at CMH Rawalpindi. The age range was 19-65 years. Duration of disease ranged from 2-6 months. Sixty three patients were married and eight were unmarried. Results: On mammogram, the lesion pick up rate was 88%, that is 62 out of 71 patients. Mostly the lesion appeared as dense irregular mass. False negative cases were seen in patient s with dense glandular breasts. On ultrasound, lesion pick up rate was 93%, that is 66 out of 71 patients. In most of cases lesion appeared as solid hypoechoeic or heterogeneous mass with irregular margins and posterior shadowing. Conclusion: It is concluded that when the mammography and sonography are used simultaneously the diagnostic yield is very high, that is, in 85% of cases, there is agreement of findings. It is also concluded that the mammographic and sonographic features of Ca breast are not 100% diagnostic and false negative cases do exist.

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