Muhammad Azhar Qureshi, Muhammad Akhtar.
Ameloblastoma of the mandible.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;56(2):204-7.

A 29 years old male patient presents with history of gradually increasing painless infra-oral lump, 3x4 cm in size, with considerable facial deformity for the last 10-12 months. It involved gums, adjacent buccal mucosa, and mandible. It was foul smelling, friable, fungating mass present in left side of buccal cavity. Left lower molars and premolars were mobile. Tongue was free of growth. Overlying skin was intact. There was no lymphadenopathy and clinical examination of chest and abdomen was unremarkable. X-ray chest, Blood complete picture, urinalysis, and abdominal ultrasound revealed no abnormality. X- ray of the mandible showed multiple radiolucent loculations with soap bubble appearance involving body of mandible. There was marginal sclerosis and erosion of roots of involved teeth. OPG revealed osteolytic lesion involving body of left side of mandible. Incision biopsy of the growth revealed ameloblastoma. He was prepared for surgery giving particular attention to his oral hygiene. Segmental mandibulectomy was carried out by lower lip splitting incision extended up to the angle of mandible. Whole flap was lifted up thus completely exposing left side of mandible. The entire tumour with margin of healthy tissue was excised including the part of mandible bearing the tumour and healthy margin of bone. The healthy rim of mandible was left behind to maintain the continuity. Flap was stitched back. Postoperative results were excellent both functionally and cosmetically. Follow-up for the last 11 months has not revealed any sign of recurrence.

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