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iconThe path of a Psychiatrist

Dear all,
I am at a stage, where I need to make a decision soon about my future career. I am set on being a psychiatrist, even though I know it will take me approximately 11 years or more to specialize and start working properly. I have been trying to research on how to enter this field, but my findings aren't sufficient. I want to study abroad, not because Pakistan universities lack something, but due to the fact that they are not world-recognized (if there are any uni's that offer such degrees then please do tell me). If it is impossible to study abroad without the other country's nationality, then please ignore the question.
I really have no idea on what I should start with. All I know, is that before entering Med-school, I need a bachelor's degree, (according to the internet anyways). Now, how does one get a bachelors degree, and in what? Is there any specific place I need to study in, or can it be done online? I really am sorry if this is not the place to ask in. I am sure everyone is very busy, but if anyone can take some time out to answer, I will greatly appreciate it.
Thank you,

Posted by: MKJ16 Posts: 2 :: 02-07-2011 :: | Reply to this Message

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