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1. First international fertility conference 2019

From: 28 Sep, 2019 To: 29 Sep, 2019
Site: Marriot, Karach

Theme : Declining fertility solutions

2. 2nd Biannual ASAMI conference

From: 29 Sep, 2019 To: 29 Sep, 2019
Site: Nathiagali

Theme of conference "Articular # and role of Ilizarov".
Site "Elites Hotel".

3. 13th SAARCAA Congress 2019

From: 10 Oct, 2019 To: 13 Oct, 2019
Site: PC, Lahore

Organized by Pakistan Society of Anesthesiologists.

4. 19th National Pediatric Conference

From: 18 Oct, 2019 To: 20 Oct, 2019
Site: PC, Lahore

Organized by Pakistan Pediatric Association.

5. International Conference on Medical Education 2019

From: 19 Oct, 2019 To: 21 Oct, 2019
Site: Islamabad

Theme: 21st Century challenges in the Health Professionals Education Has Workshops and Lectures.

6. 29th National Conference Of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

From: 01 Nov, 2019 To: 03 Nov, 2019
Site: Sarena, Quetta

Conferences would have Lectures, Free Papers, Videos / Live Surgical Procedures and Cadaveric Dissections.

7. 18th Shaukat Khanum Cancer Symposium

From: 01 Nov, 2019 To: 03 Nov, 2019
Site: SKH, Lahore

Symposium will be in-collaboration with Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh.

8. The Edinburgh MRCS OSCE Preparation Course

From: 02 Nov, 2019 To: 03 Nov, 2019
Site: CMH, Rawalpindi

This course is aimed at FY2 and above, and primarily those preparing for the Intercollegiate Part B MRCS Examination. It is designed to help improve candidates' performance in the MRCS Part B Examination via practice sessions with 'mock' MRCS OSCE stations and discussions with examiners on the pitfalls and problems commonly encountered with the examination process. The course structure includes short lectures, discussion groups and OSCE stations.

9. 17h Annual Conference of Pakistan Endocrine Society

From: 15 Nov, 2019 To: 17 Nov, 2019
Site: PC, Karachi

Conference would have pre-conference workups and training sessions for Endocrine Fellows.

10. APASL (The Asia Pacific Association for the Study of Liver) - Single Topic Conference 2019

From: 06 Dec, 2019 To: 08 Dec, 2019
Site: Sarena, Islamabad

Theme : "Elimination of Viral Hepatitis by 2030 - From Dream to Reality". Organized by Pakistan Society for the Study of Liver Diseases

11. 5th AKU Annual Surgical Conference

From: 14 Feb, 2020 To: 16 Feb, 2020
Site: AKU, Karachi

Theme: Trauma: Striving for Change

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