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1. 2nd National Conference on Health Professions Education

From: 14 Oct, 2018 To: 17 Oct, 2018
Site: Lahore University

Theme of the conference is: Emerging trends in HPE in 21st century”. A fine galaxy of international and national speakers will honor the floor.

2. 16th Annual Conference of Pakistan Endocrine Society

From: 09 Nov, 2018 To: 11 Nov, 2018
Site: PC,Peshawar

This conference will be organized by Pakistan Endocrine Society.

3. 33rd PMA Biennial Medical Conference

From: 30 Nov, 2018 To: 02 Dec, 2018
Site: PC,Peshawar

Consists of Lectures, Workshops, Public Awareness program.

4. 1st National Scientific Congress - Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University and Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad.

From: 15 Dec, 2018 To: 16 Dec, 2018
Site: Islamabad

Will be held in Pak-China Friendship Centre, Islamabad. Abstract submission deadline: 30th Aug 2018.

5. 4th AKU Annual Surgical Conference

From: 01 Feb, 2019 To: 04 Feb, 2019
Site: Karachi

Theme of the Conference : Global Surgery: Bridging the Gap, Enlighten, Educate, Engage.

6. 3rd International Conference

From: 02 Feb, 2019 To: 03 Feb, 2019
Site: Lahore

Would be held at Shalimar Medical and Dental College, Lahore. Theme "navigating the future".

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