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iconamc prep

asa interested to know that what is the current format of amc paper it much like usmle or like what is given in amc handbook.
what mcqs would really help me in prep for amc papers
im currently using usmle world mcqs.
awaiting for any generous help

Posted by: humairaiqb Posts: 12 :: 17-03-2013 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: amc prep

I have taken Oct 2013 London date for AMC part1 but still in search of some material for preparation. I have already passed MRCGP Int part 1 in Saudi Arabia. Plz help if you have any recent recall/papers or material. How about if I take some website like
my email is
Dr Abid Hussain
Saudi Arabia

Posted by: Blaze Posts: 7 :: 27-04-2013 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: amc prep

Hi humairaiqb,

Prepengo is comprehensive AMC Exam Preparation website where you can find lots of information related to Australian medical council. You can sign up with free trail for more details visit

Posted by: prepengo (Guest) :: 12-01-2017 :: | Reply to this Message

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