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Abstract of PMDC Letter:

The Committee for the Review of Medical/Dental Journals of PMDC in its meeting held on 14th April, 2001 at Lahore considered all journal included in the list of Standard Medical/Dental Journals approved by PMDC. The Journal of Surgery has been kept on the list of approved journals of the PMDC.


1. Credit may be given equal to 1 s` three authors which will be nominated by the principal author and will be notified to the editor before publication. ----- 10/10

2. Letter to the Editor ---- 1 Mark

3. Case Report. It was also decided that a new name be given to Case Report i.e. `Evidence Based Clinical or Therapeutic Series` which will consist of minimum 10 cases and will be given credit of full paper. ---- 3 Marks

4. Review article These articles are supposed to be come from experts who don`t require any credit ---- No credit

5. The credit of Review article/ Chapter/ text Book, will be decided on case-to-case basis by the Sub-Committee. The strategy will be developed by the Sub committee seeking opinion from the relevant consistency.

6. The name of first three authors be in block letters while other names will be in italic as research associates. The credit will be given as 2.3 to the next two authors.

Source: The Journal of Surgery, PIMS

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