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Excellent Article. A must see for every physician working on hormonal Contraception.
Posted by: shariq on Jul 2004

Great article. Dr. Sadiqa's trademark clear and concise descriptions makes understanding harmonal contraception on plasma lipid and lipoprotein cholesterol concentrations. Highly recomended.
Posted by: lamia on Jul 2004

This article is full of technical mistakes indicating that the authors and the so-called research supervisors don't have clear concept of lipid and lipid metabolism. Even the above abstract has mistakes. JCPS, publises such professinally low-standard articles and hence cannot get recognition internationally. Even the the title of the research is technically flaw-bearing."Effects of hormonal contraception on plasma lipid and lipoprotein cholesterol concentrations". Every fraction of lipids (triglyceride, cholesterol, etc) are the components of circulating plasma lipoproteins. Why is there splitting of phrases 'lipoprotein cholesterol' and 'plasma lipid' while all lipids in plasma are contained in various circulating lipoproteins? Friedewald formula (look at the speelings of Friedewald) is considered to calculate the LDL cholesterol concentration but not to calculate VLDL cholesterol (Wilson's formula) and atherogenic index (that is just a ratio of cholesterol contained in two types of lipoproteins viz., LDL and HDL). It is incorrect statement in the said paper that Friedewald formula can calculate VLDL cholesterol and atherogenic index. I have not read the full-text article otherwise I can identify more professional mistakes especially with regards to the statistical anaylyses. HONESTY GROUP
Posted by: honesty on Jul 2004


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