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Two comments on this article: 1. It is a well-known that there is association between DM type 2 and hypertension and microalbuminuria. If someone does not know it then may be he/she needs to go to medical school again. 2. Many diabetics ultimately develop microalbumoinuria and then frank albuminuria. It depends on the duration of the diabetes. In this study patients had mean duration of DM for 6.4(SD=6.9) years. This means that about 95% of the patients had diabetes for almost 0-20 years and 50% of the patients had diabetes for more than 6.4 years. I am unable to understand what did investigators try to find/prove when doing/conducting this study. Probably a better way of looking at the data would have been to evaluate the demographic and clinical features of the patients presenting with diabetes to the investigator's institution. Probably the most striking finding that investigators had was that there was no difference in BMI, or lipid levels between controls and diabetics. However, I think they would have find it difficult to explain without raising serious doubts about the authenticity of their study.

Posted by: rqayyum - May 2005


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